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Wine Label Design – expert and unique graphic design services for the wine industry 707-939-7778

Northern California design studio in Glen Ellen, Sonoma County, Sonoma Wine Country

Ginny Westcott is the superstar of wine label designers.
Her completely unique and innovative designs capture the heart of the consumer.

She knows what a client needs and what a consumer wants by being a wine label designer since 1998 and a graphic designer since 1982. Her experience has taken her from small design firms, promotion firms, large advertising agencies working on print ads and TV, software interface design then to finally land with toy and wine packaging as her favorite. Along with wine label design and toy packaging design comes designing ads for her winery and toy company clients along with their brochures and collateral. She designs other product packaging as well but specialize in wine and toys. Being one of the few award winning wine label designers out there, you truly get a good deal working with Ginny. She does not have the large overhead that other graphic design firms have who have many employees that need benefits and hefty rent. Ginny's ads and designs have won countless awards through the years that she is very proud of. When she worked in advertising she had a wide range of clients from Pepsi and California Pizza Kitchen to little tiny guys just starting out. Ginny just loves her work as one of the best wine label designers and creative toy package designers and it truly shows! Ginny Westcott is the best Sonoma and Napa Wine Label Designer


How does Ginny compare herself to other wine label designers and toy packaging designers? She feels that customer service is very important along with keeping the budget on track and have it done on schedule. Aside from all the neverending ideas that keep coming out of her head and hand, there is a graphic designer that can look ahead in a very practical way to see if something may end up being problematic. She feels quite confident out there in the world with the other wine label designers and toy packaging designers. She has seen her work in many magazines and have had magazine articles written about her innovative wine label designs. Excellent Wine PR guy: Wark Communications and FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog

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